NSCA Resistance Training Exercise

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Beefed up from 38 to 57 exercises, this new edition of Exercise Technique Manual for Resistance Training is a must for any professional library. It will help readers prepare for the NSCAs Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist exam or its Certified Personal Trainer exam. It will also serve as a valuable reference for personal trainers and fitness instructors. Also, college and university faculty who teach courses in resistance training can use the manual and DVDs to complement hands on instruction and demonstration or to teach exercise technique without going to a weight room.
http://www.amazon.com/Exercise-Techniqu ... 07127XThis resource provides clear descriptions for those performing resistance training exercises or for those who instruct others. The manual gives detailed explanations on technique for each free weight and machine exercise, and the accompanying DVDs show the movements for each exercise in action. Readers using this manual to study for the CSCS or NSCA CPT exams will find this resource particularly helpful as they prepare for exam questions relating to anatomy, biomechanics, program design, and exercise technique.

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